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Diary of a Boy Gardener

We are in the Berkshires, the beautiful rolling hills of western Massachusetts where the season is short and the frosts sometimes win. Visit Sally and David's Gardens and see how two old farts spend their time helping what plants they can find their place in this world.

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Saturday, May 25, 2002

David had to work this morning. Got home around 3 pm to find Sally at full tilt boogie. She was putting in the sweet potatoes under black plastic. We have never tried them before, it's pretty cold here (for example our lilacs are just now in bud, but a few miles away they have already bloomed).
She has potted up a lot more stuff for the roadside plant stand. We are going to give that a go this year.
I was going to work on the window boxes (was a bad boy last night), but I saw that the new pines we planted were wilty, so out came the hose. After they were done there were the new willows (2 dozen in a hedge row on the north side of the place) needing a good drink too. Then it was off to edge the lawn away from the split rail fence. Still doing that but had to come in to check the weather (believe it or not, we are still in frost danger around here, and there are lots of tender annuals out there needing to be brought in or covered). So blogging til the man says what to expect...
He has spoken and it should be OK. So back out there to finish edging the lawn at the split rail and dressing out with mulch. That's been done and I'm too whipped to do much more. Good evening diary....


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