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Diary of a Boy Gardener

We are in the Berkshires, the beautiful rolling hills of western Massachusetts where the season is short and the frosts sometimes win. Visit Sally and David's Gardens and see how two old farts spend their time helping what plants they can find their place in this world.

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Saturday, April 19, 2003

We had a couple of cold ones, dark, damp, penetrating cold. No more digging with ones hands in the bulbs.
But today was great ! It got warmer in the night, then really heated up nicely thru the day. There was shopping in the morning and then work after lunch. David found great pleasure in finishing the grass removal in the bulb row next to the road (pictures soon). It is hard to describe the deep feelings one has when pulling a 10 inch long witch grass root out of the newly loosened soil. David touched each and every bulb at least once. Running fingers thru the dirt to feel those roots, then clutching and pulling them, almost felt like a chicken or something primitive. Goes right to the spine. Brings peace to the soul.
Meanwhile Sally got busy doing Easter decorations. There is much to see and tomorrow promises to be a picutre taking kind of day and sharing is in the cards. Lamb chops and squash coming soon to this kitchen. Um !!!


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