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Diary of a Boy Gardener

We are in the Berkshires, the beautiful rolling hills of western Massachusetts where the season is short and the frosts sometimes win. Visit Sally and David's Gardens and see how two old farts spend their time helping what plants they can find their place in this world.

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Monday, May 27, 2002

David had a bad night and low energy morning. Howerver he was able to use the template to make two more boxes plus lay out the wood for the three which are going to be a different style. Sally then needed some work done in the cottage for her new "village under the bank" extending from the tree. By the time that was done it was time to eat and head out for work (yes we ignored Memorial Day). Just got home and after grabbing some grub, sat down here.
Sally was going to work indoors in the cottage due to the wet weather, but after I left it cleared up, so she switched into garden mode. Spent most of her time finishing the triangle garden (from driveway into front of house). She also potted up a lot of orphans who had been heeled in on the compost pile. Lots of progess there. Then there's tomorrow. See ya soon.


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